Monday, June 2, 2014

The Status of Food

 Image of MaituFoods "Green Gold" Salad Ingredients

Think of what today's society considers delicacies. Food-like substances, poor food combinations,  and the decadent, degenerative palette of the so called prosperous. When we really begin to examine the culture of food associated with wealth, or really a monetarily and possession rich status, I begin to wonder if someone, somewhere is playing a joke. No really, are our taste and health sensibilities being "punk'd"? A diet of excess leads to disease, a diet of decadence leads to deterioration , improper food-combining (which is common) leads to imbalance. So great, its wonderful that we can afford that great cut of choice meat, all and anything that one can desire to eat can be theirs. Yet, that prime cut or that gmo soy product cannot be properly assimilated by your beautifully orchestrated and designed body, so it sits, cajoling dis-ease. Couple that with a life of mental acuity with little to no physical dexterity and we find that true wealth won't last that long. Then the status of our health measured up to the status of our wealth (which is drastically changing) begins to see a huge inequality on the scales. Where are our priorities when we fight to be the richest country and our citizens remain the most health impoverished? And it has become our excess, our love for the richness (seemingly) that has paved the way to our poverty. Then in turn has wrecked havoc in all arenas of life and livelihood.

Look at the simplicity of nature. Without trifle it consumes, regenerates, decays and lives in harmony and balance. So much so that its life cycle ensures the livelihood of all others in its environment. A true model of richness, a real status of wealth and abundance. So really what is the ultimate standard of living? What are we working towards? Where does our true wealth lie and what status are we truly reaching for? Love.

My Kitchen Sounds Like: "Poor and Clean" by Gregory Isaacs