Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feed Your Farmer!

Here at MaituFoods we just launched our Feed Your Farmer initiative.  For all of our Grow Where You Are farmers and farm volunteers, we will now provide Vegan Meals prepared in Maitu's kitchen utilizing produce from the farms. Without our farmers we don't eat. Yet we realize that farmers and farming communities are the least served and the most undervalued in society. Oftentimes the very same farmers, who grow and harvest our food are food poor and live in poverty.

According to studies conducted by the world bank, 75% (883 million people at the US $1 a day poverty level) of the world's poor live in rural areas. Most of the rural poor depend directly or indirectly on agriculture for their well-being. It's a source of livelihood for roughly 86% (2.5 billion) of rural people and provides jobs for 1.3 billion smallholders and landless workers. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, whereas farmers produce the majority of the world's food, they are generally much poorer than the rest of the population and are less food secure than even the urban poor. It can be said that there are efforts underway to increase small farming, not only in efforts to eradicate hunger but to also improve the livelihood of farmers. However, it still remains that farmers, especially in rural areas remain marginalized and impoverished.

MaituFoods with this small gesture, hopes to bring more attention and awareness to this issue. Also to let our farmers know that we appreciate them and value their work. So from our kitchen, to our farmers' tables, Come Eat!  #FeedYourFarmer #FarmersEatFirst