Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love the weekend.

I love the weekend. Well let me say I loved this weekend, and its not even over yet. Because of, the food alone I love this weekend. Yesterday I taught a cooking class and the student made Lasagna. Yum. So basically we took the simple marinara recipe and built from that base. It was a lot of fun. Especially since my student is a friend of the family and a fellow cancer who considers himself a "semi-chef" (whatever that means). So he spent most of the time telling me how he was going to improve on my recipe. I had to keep reminding him that he did come to me to be was all in good fun. We had our own little cooking war, as he tried to convince me and a good sister of mine (who are both vegan/vegetarians) of the necessity of meat, not only meat but deer meat. I love this life.

Then today, the family went to an Indian food buffet!!!! (Yay!! A cooking day off). I ate like eating was going out of style. I love Indian food, but more than that, I love Indian food that is all you can eat. Plates and plates of Aloo Gobi, Nan, Saggaloo, gosh..I could go on, but I wont incriminate myself or my appetite.

Then to top it all off (this is starting to sound like a glutton fest), because we knew we would be in, due to the 25degree weather outside, we bought ice cream, cookies and cider (Sarah is my sugar sister) and had a blockbuster night. I can say at this hour I am full and satisfied. I give thanks for the family, the conversation, entertainment and just being home on this day.

Its amazing how food has the ability to bring us together. Think of how many great moments we have at the table. How many events in our lives have happened in the midst of food.

One of the movies we watched was Food Inc. Wow, a must see. It was a tear-jerker. You see how big the business of food is. I mean really, THE BUSINESS of food???? It's such a fragile matter, one in which all of our lives and livelihoods is linked into. It's seems important that we make ourselves aware. And if it is not our thing to get involved on a political or social level, that we at least take some time to plant our feet in the soil, to perhaps even take an active hand in growing our own food ( 1st commandment to humanity in the scriptures "Keep and tend the garden"...Love

My kitchen sounds like: The Philadelphia Orchestra

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