Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthing Community

It was a huge blessing, to have the opportunity, the privilege to find myself in the company of the men and women that I shared space and time with on last night. So Mama Sarahn, beloved, beloved mother and midwife (mine amongst many) facilitated a Meetup group. The families came together under the common interest of home and natural birthing. Housed by Sister Song, it was an honor to have MaituFoods as the first sponsor in this new organization. I have so many thoughts and ideas, sparked from the gathering. To see so many of us, united in the midst of cultural, race, class, gender and age differences was amazing. It's good to know that we have all come together under the banner of life, health and abundance. I see potential. I was introduced to many people in my community who offer services that I would never have known of if not having been in attendance last night. I am grateful..and look forward to solidifying the connections we made last night.

Celebrate life!!!!

My Kitchen Sounds like: Lizz Wright "The Orchard"

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