Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pumzi/Wanuri Kahiu

We are little without family and community. Looking into our family, our close companions, is kin to looking into a mirror to view our reflection. I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, beautiful souls. This sister of mine, to attempt to write an expression would diminish what's felt and the importance of this sister to our family. She is M2 (godmother) to our youth and just a beautiful influence and inspiration. Her creativity speaks volumes.

So what's the correlation to Maitufoods you ask?(I'm not just boasting on my fam). When I was looking for a name for the business, it was around the time Wanuri was writing the script for Pumzi, her latest film. I was very drawn to the main character for many reasons. I am a sci-fi buff and Wanuri has a good sense of imagination. Said all that to say, there was one thing that stuck out in the script. Maitu: the name of the seed and community in the film. Maa (truth) Itu (ours). Comes from the Kikuyu language, and its meaning is mother. So Maitufoods, MotherFoods, Our Truth Foods, was inspired by my sister Wanuri, by way of her film Pumzi. So for those who have been asking, seek no more, your answer has been granted. :) what do I say about Pumzi. First I will say I love it. The layers, the images. The heroine is woman of color. The beauty of her is in her humanity. The film takes place in futuristic Africa. 35 years after the Water War (WW3). Asha, the main character is a curator at a virtual museum in the Maitu Community (ahh there it goes) that collects ancient, natural artifacts. By this time nature is extinct, water is scarce and without giving away the film, my interpretation is, its about Asha's journey back to life. Beautiful beautiful beautiful...check it. Love (trailer) (website)

My recipe for today was designed by GOD....WATER!!!!!! DRINK IT!!!

My Kitchen Sounds like: "New World Water" by Mos Def and "I'd Like" by Freshlyground

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